Directions to Harmonia

2200 Marinship Way, Sausalito, CA 94965

Key Points: If you use Google Maps or Apple Maps for directions, they will get you close to Harmonia, but may tell you you have arrived slightly before you actually have. Wherever you are coming from, your GPS directions will take you through the intersection of Bridgeway and West Harbor Drive.

  1. From there, the right turn onto Marinship Way is immediately after the light. Don’t miss it!
  2. After continuing on Marinship Way a while, you will turn right at a stop sign to continue on Marinship Way, which will now be one way.
  3. Continue on the one-way street to the next stop sign. Turn right at that stop. Now you will have arrived at the parking lot for Harmonia. The entrance is on the far side of the building

If you’d like a much more detailed view of this route, the detailed directions with street view images from Google Maps follow!

Detailed Directions to Harmonia

Starting from Bridgeway and West Harbor Drive, this view is looking Northeast on Harbor Drive. Make a right turn onto Marinship Way almost immediately past the intersection.

Marinship Way is just before Mollie Stone’s market. If you miss the turn, you can turn into the Mollie Stone’s parking lot and then drive through the parking lot to get back on Marinship Way.

Side note: Mollie Stone’s also has a Peet’s coffee, breakfast items, deli sandwiches, and a salad bar.

Here is the view down Marinship Way.

It is a narrow street through a fairly industrial area.

There are a few places where the road curves. Keep going.

After a few curves, you will reach a stop sign. Turn right at the stop sign.

After the right turn, you are still on Marinship Way, but now it is one way. Some GPS systems will tell you at this point that you have arrived at Harmonia, but you have not!

After you pass some tennis courts, you will reach a spot with a peachy building on the left and a building with a diagonal wooden exterior on the right. The building on the right with the diagonal wooden exterior is Harmonia, but the entrance is on the other side.

At the end of the building, there is a stop sign. Turn right into the parking lot. You will see the numbers “2200” on the wall of the building. This is a good place to park if spots are available.

The entrance to Harmonia is on the other side of the building.

Here is an aerial view that shows the last part of the route you drive in on, available parking (shaded in yellow), and the building entrance on the far side of the building (yellow arrow).

If the parking lot right next to Harmonia is full, there is plenty of free parking 1 block away where shown.