Our events with Paul this year will be at Harmonia Wellness Center in Sausalito, California! Harmonia is a beautiful, artistic, and unique space. We’ll have lots of natural lighting in our main gathering room and an additional sound-proofed room for small group meditations. It’s located just a block from the San Francisco Bay and free parking is available.

Harmonia also has a fascinating history. The space was formerly home to the Record Plant, one of the most famous recording studios in the U.S. in the 1970s and 80s! Many famous artists recorded albums here.

Please note: The directions given to Harmonia on both Google Maps and Apple Maps can be confusing and land you close to but not quite in the right spot.

We’ve put together some detailed directions to Harmonia (with photos) to help ensure you don’t get stuck anywhere along the way. Please take a look at these directions and give yourself a little extra time to ensure you can find us in plenty of time.

The good news is that once you arrive, parking is easy and free!


Our event map shows some hotel options within a 5-20 minute drive of Harmonia, our event space.

There are some hotels quite close by. Or, you may opt to travel a little farther to get a more affordable hotel room. It is also possible to stay in San Francisco in areas near the Golden Gate Bridge and still be within a 20-minute drive from our venue, provided traffic cooperates. If you do stay in San Francisco, be aware that there is a $7-$8 bridge toll that must be paid when re-entering San Francisco via the Golden Gate Bridge.

You may also find some great options for lodging on AirBnb.

Other Things to Do

If you’re visiting from outside of the local area, you may wish to plan some time to pop over to Muir Woods National Monument for a beautiful walk in the redwoods. It’s only a 20 minute drive away, but you should plan ahead as parking reservations are now required.