Neelakantha Meditation is a transformative and life-supporting practice that is easy to learn and do. It is governed by the principle of effortlessness. It is not a practice of controlling your mind, but a means of naturally, easefully turning your attention inwards to connect with your deepest self.

When practiced regularly over time, Neelakantha Meditation transforms the practitioner on the deepest levels. Because it works so deeply, it has the potential to help you release long-held patterns. Like cleaning the lenses of one’s eyeglasses, it clarifies the instrument through which you experience the world—your own experiencing self—so that you can see yourself and the world around you more clearly.

Neelakantha Meditation is a practice that is specifically designed to fit into and support the lives of householders. So, you don’t need to become a monk, and you don’t need to get rid of your belongings or your worldly goals and concerns. It’s not about rejecting the world, but about engaging with it on a deeper level, which results in appreciating the world more fully and acting in it more effectively.


People experience a variety of benefits when practicing Neelakantha Meditation. For each individual, the specific results of practicing will be a bit different, but the practice is always beneficial and results in their own growth.

I have been practicing Neelakantha Meditation for close to 11 years and have experienced the following changes for myself:

  • I used to often be anxious, and now I rarely am.

  • I feel much more grounded and confident.

  • I express myself with more clarity and authenticity.

  • My emotions feel steadier.

  • I feel more love and compassion for the people around me.

  • I feel more connected with the earth and all of humanity.

  • My business has flourished and my work-life balance is better than ever.

  • I feel like I am constantly growing.

In the time that I have been practicing, I have seen profound effects in others as well. Some people who seemed harsh and cynical when I first met them seemed visibly transformed after just a few months of practicing–softer, brighter, bringing a calmness born of new insight. I have seen people access new fountains of creativity within themselves, in one case propelling the person into an unexpected new career. People’s lives grow and blossom in many unique and beautiful ways when they begin to regularly connect with their deepest selves.