Lisa Golden
Berkeley, CA

My Business

Golden Interactive Media,
Berkeley, CA

"Kissing Earl" appeared in Puerto del Sol #35-1&2 and was selected as one of Best American Short Stories 2001's 100 Other Distinguished Stories.

Some people, events, and causes I support...

Ecstatic Dance, Movement ~ Music ~ Community, Oakland, CA

2hats Consulting, John Van Dinther, small business consultant, Bay Area, CA

David Schlussel, yoga and life coaching, Berkeley, CA

Enjoy Fitness, Cameron Burkholder, fitness training, Oakland, Berkeley, and surrounding areas

Anjuli Mahendra, bodywork, Oakland, CA

Alok Rocheleau, Thai massage, Oakland, CA

Renate Kempf, Structural Integration (a.k.a. Rolfing), Mountain View, CA

Sheri Madden, realtor, Berkeley, Albany, CA and surrounding areas

United Farm Workers, supporting safety and fairness for farm workers

Planned Parenthood, making birth control and sexual health information accessible

Sempervirens Fund, preserving redwood lands

Wikimedia Foundation, supporting Wikimedia as a free resource for all

Organic Foods, for health, farmers, and the environment